Levelling the suspension
The PTMA, in common with the original Pink Triangle suspended turntables use three relatively soft springs in extension to isolate the subchassis from the plinth.  The plinth should already be roughly level, but you will now need to adjust the springs to ensure the platter is level and 5-6mm clear of the top plate when an average weight record (and record clamp, if you use one) are in place.
There are three suspension adjusters on the PTMA, one at the rear and one each on the left and right hand sides of the plinth. These are brass hexagonal nuts which may be rotated using the brass ¼” AF  thinwall socket. The photograph shows the position of the adjusters.
Place a record and the bullseye spirit level on the platter. check by eye the gap between the platter and the top plate, all round the top plate.  if the plinth and platter are both level, the gap should be about 5mm all the way round – you should just be able to slide the 5mm allen key underneath.
If the platter is touching the top plate at any point, you will need to use the adjusters to raise the platter on that side (or those sides) first.
Once there is a gap all the way round, adjust the rear suspension so that there is a 5mm gap at the rear.
Check the spirit level, and start adjusting the left and right adjusters  The usable range of the adjusters is quite low; if the platter is resting on the top plate you may need to wind the quite a few turns before it starts to lift.  
Once the PTMA suspension is set, it should not need adjusting unless the turntable is moved.