Setting up a tonearm on the PTMA
This section assumes you know how to set up your tonearm and align cartridges.  It covers the details of how to do it on the PTMA, with its suspended subchassis.
To set up a tonearm and align a cartridge on the turntable, you will need to immobilise the platter and subchassis.  Three wooden wedges of approximately 6mm depth are provided for this purpose; you should gently lift the platter  and slide them under the edge at roughly equidistant points around the circumference.
With the platter immobilised you will be able to check and adjust the VTA of the arm to an initial level position.  If your arm has no VTA adjustment mechanism, you can add or remove spacers under the armboard - 5 and 10 mm spacers are supplied, but any sets of four matching M5 washers can be used.
Once happy the VTA, you should use some scales to set the tracking force (VTF) to the required value. Finally you should use a protractor to align the cartridge.
When you have finished the alignment, carefully remove the wedges from under the platter.
With the suspension free, you should put on a record and do a final check of the VTA – in theory the subchassis and spindle could have dropped slightly under the platter before you initially set the VTA, and as a result the cartridge would end up more ‘tail up’ than you intended.
With the arm and cartridge now set up, you can move on to fit the belt.