Care and maintenance of the PTMA

The turntable plinth is made of a solid hardwood, finished with a varnish or oil.  Dust it as necessary, and very occasionally polish with an appropriate wood polish.
The turntable top plate, platter and lid and electronics front panels are made of acrylic; use a soft duster or damp cloth to wipe them clean.  An acrylic polish can be used to remove light scratches.
The anodised aluminium electronics enclosures may be wiped with a soft cloth. Use a vacuum cleaner with brush attachment to get dust out of the case grooves.
The bearing should be cleaned every year or so, and the lubrication renewed – do not use too much oil.
The belt may stretch over the course of a few years; if it starts to slip, you should buy a standard ‘original’ PT belt from the Funk Firm as a replacement.
Note the turntable in this photograph is fitted with a 5mm Funk Firm Achromat, my Helius Designs Scorpio 4 and an Ortofon MC20 Super.