Connecting and using the external speed controller

The original Pink Triangle turntable has a high quality DC motor with a machined pulley which drives the platter using a rubber belt.  The motor is controlled with a three position switch on the top plate.

The external speed controller moves all the motor control electronics into a separate aluminium enclosure, with the rotary switch mounted on the front panel.The speed controller takes 9V DC power from the external power supply through a 3.5mm phono lead, and connects to the motor in the turntable through a 7 pin DIN lead.

The rear pane contains the connection sockets

The front panel houses the turntable controls and indicator lights.
The push switch on the right controls the LEDs on the turntable, the circular indicator light around it is lit when the speed controller is receiving power from the speed controller

The central three-position rotary switch controls the motor. The switch positions from left to right are 45 rpm, off and 33 rpm.

On the left hand side of the panel are two indicator LEDs with two trim pot access holes below them. The left LED lights when 45 rpm is selected, and the right LED 33 rpm.  The trim pot belows can be used for fine adjustment of the respective speeds, using the screwdriver provided and a stroboscopic disc and light.