Connecting and using the external power supply

The original Pink Triangle turntable requires a 9V DC power input.  This was originally provided by a small mains transformer.  The speed stability of the turntable can be audibly improved by replacing the transformer with a better quality power supply with a higher current capacity and a regulated DC output. The PTMA power supply is built from high quality components to meet this requirement.

The standard mains lead has a 3A fuse in the plug and a standard IEC socket for plugging into the power supply itself.
The turntable power lead has a 3.5mm phono jack at each end; the tips carry the 9V and the sleeve the zero volt return.  It should be plugged into the power supply and the speed controller (either built into the turntable, or in a separate enclosure).

The IEC input on the rear panel is fused with a 20mm 0.5A quick blow fuse, along with a spare in the fuse tray.  If the IEC panel is switched (as in the photograph) it controls the mains input to the transformer.  If there is no switch there, the switch on the front panel will switch the mains input.

The gold plated 3.5mm phono socket mounted on the rear panel provides the 9V DC output; positive tip as mentioned above.

The push switch on the front panel is surrounded by an LED indicator ring.  This is illuminated when the power supply is switched on.  The switch either controls the mains input or (if the rear panel has a switch) the power to the 9V DC socket on the rear panel.