Fitting the vector belt and platter
Note that for clarity the photographs show a turntable with no tonearm fitted, and the top plate protective white film still in place
Ensure the bearing is securely located in the platter, either with PTFE tape or by screwing on a record clamp
Remove the foam guard from the spindle.
Fit the belt around the motor pulley and vector (idler) pulleys.
Centre the belt on the crown of the pulleys.
Loop the BETs around the centre of each side of the belt.
Gently lower the platter onto the spindle.
Gently pull both ends of the right front BET
Pull the belt out past the inner rim
Then release the BET to allow the belt to grip the inner rim.
You can check the belt is in position either through the platter, or by looking at the reflection in the top plate under the platter
Repeat this procedure for the left front and rear BETs.
Rotate the platter slowly slightly clockwise, to rotate the BETs from between inner rim and belt
Finally remove the BETs by pulling gently on one end of each thread.