Fitting the standard belt and platter
For the standard (non-vector) PTMA, fitting the belt and platter is same operation as on a Pink Triangle turntable.  Fitting the belt on a vector PTMA is detailed in the next section.
Ensure the bearing is securely located in the platter, either with PTFE tape or by screwing on a record clamp
Turn the platter upside down, and remove any tape covering the bearing hole.
Loop the belt around the inner ‘subplatter’ rim, and thread the BET (cord) through the belt.
Pull the belt out to the ‘subplatter’  outer rim with the BET between your right-hand thumb and index finger, turn the platter over and lower it onto the spindle, rotating the platter so as to loop the belt around the motor pulley at two o’clock.
When the belt is correctly in position, slowly release the BET and let the belt grip the motor pulley.
Rotate the platter slightly clockwise so that the BET is not trapped between belt and pulley, then gently pull one end of the thread to extract it from the belt.