Setting up the PTMA
Place the PTMA on a level surface. Ensure the bearing is securely located in the platter, either with PTFE tape or by screwing on a record clamp Preferably the shelf or rack where it will be used.

Level the plinth

Either by screwing/unscrewing the adjustable feet (if fitted) or by putting slips of card under the feet.  Use the built-in bullseye spirit level - it does not have to be exact, but the more level the better.

Fit the tonearm

This guide assumes you have the arm already fitted to a PT armboard; setting up the tonearm and cartridge is covered below.

First you must choose the route for the arm leads, position the leads, then bolt the armboard in place.

Feed the arm leads either through the hole in the base, or (if the plugs are small enough) through the hole in the back of the plinth, securing the leads in the P-clip. Note: to use the P-clip route you will need to remove transit base as described below.

You must leave slack in the leads so that they do not interfere with the bounce of the suspension – if the leads are exiting through the base, then loop some slack under the subchassis.  If the arm leads are exiting throughout the hole at the back, arrange them looped over the subchassis as shown in the photo:

Use the 4mm allen key to tighten the armboard bolt.

Important note: the bolts must not be overtightened! Initially just finger tight; twiddle the allen key between your finger tips, then no more than a quarter-turn of the key.

Remove the transit bar by unscrewing the bolt with the 4mm allen key

Fit the top plate

Slide the righthand side low under the tonearm (use the stylus guard on you cartridge if you have one, otherwise be very careful) and manoeuvre any LEDs, pulley shafts etc. through their respective holes before lowering into place.

Fit the vector pulleys

If your turntable has the vector option, add a tiny drop of lubricant at the top of the shaft before sliding the pulley in place.  The two pulleys are different sizes so they rotate at slightly different speeds; it does not matter which pulley is on which shaft.

Fit the platter

Remove the foam spindle guard and lower the platter and bearing carefully onto the spindle; do not fit the belt yet, as you will need to level the suspension and (possibly) set up the tonearm and cartridge first.