Initial assembly of the PTMA
Remove the lid
Open it fully, then lift it straight up.  Set aside carefully to avoid scratching it.
Remove the tool bag and parts bag from the transit bar
Open the reusable plastic ties – pull on the long end which has been threaded back into the tie.
Fit the adjustable feet if supplied
Thread the non-adjustable rear foot onto the bolt at the rear underside of the turntable, and hand tighten.
Threads the front adjustable feet into the holes front left and right of the base; screw them in as far as they will go initially – but not too tight!
Fix the bearing in the platter
The bearing may fit snugly or loosely in the platter, it must be secured otherwise Murphy’s law says it will drop off when you lift off the platter later, and smash the sapphire surface in the bearing.
You can secure it by always using a record clamp when fitting or removing the platter, or you can use a fragment (a one centimetre length is usually sufficient) of plumber’s PTFE tape wrapped around the bearing before you push the bearing into the platter hole.  A short length of tape is supplied.
Note: damaged bearings  may be repaired by True Point (UK) Ltd, or replacement bearings purchased from the Funk Firm – details at the end of the manual.