Unpacking the PTMA
Please retain the packing materials (including transit bar) and box for transport of the turntable in future.
Unpacking the main box
Open the main box.
Remove the top plate and foam sheet set to one side.
Put your hands in the gaps at the front and back of the turntable, fingers under the base, and pull the turntable straight up out of the box.
Remove the protective foam side pieces and put them back in position in the box.
Remove the platter, bearing, belt and any oil syringe from the bottom of the box, and set carefully to one side.
Unpacking the smaller box
Open the box and carefully remove the lid.
Remove the protective foam from around the external speed controller (pull on the brown tabs).
Lift out the controller, remove if from the bubble wrap and set to one side.
Carefully move the foam divider to one side and lift out the external power supply, remove if from the bubble wrap and set to one side.
Put the foam and bubble wrap back in the box, and put the box in the main box for storage.