PTMA tools
PTMA tools
From left to right
•    ‘BET’ Belt Engagement Tools cords - for fitting the belt

•    3mm allen key – for unscrewing suspension mounts (rarely needed).

•    4mm allen key – for unscrewing transit bar and armboard bolts.

•    ¼” AF Suspension adjuster socket – use described in a section below.

•    7mm AF Motor mount nut socket – used in construction, rarely needed.

•    Speed trimmer screwdriver – used to adjust motor speed, described below.

•    Three platter wedges – used when aligning tonearm and cartridge

There should also be a ‘bullseye’ spirit level – a larger version of the one built into the plinth.
In addition you may have a syringe of oil or grease supplied; this is for the spindle and the vector pulley spindles.  If not, you can use a tiny drop of a thick turntable oil or grease, not a petroleum jelly.