External speed controller and power supply photographs
Speed control and PSU rear
Rear view
Speed controller:
• 3.5mm mono socket is the same power connection as on the original PT turntable; 9VDC with a positive tip.
• DIN 7 pin socket connects to the turntable and carries the four motor control wires and a separate 9VDC and return for powering LEDs under the platter etc.
Power supply:
• IEC socket uses a 500mA quick blow fuse.
• Switch controls the supply of mains to the transformer.
• 3.5mm mono socket supplies 9V DC.
Speed control and PSU front
Front view view
Speed controller:
• Rotary knob has three positions – from left to right: 45, off, 33.
• The switch illuminates the pink triangle badge and the LEDs under the platter.
• Blue LED indicator ring is illuminated when controller is powered up.
Power supply:
• Red LED indicator ring is illuminated when transformer is powered up; i.e. rear switch is on.
• Switch controls the supply of 9V DC to 3.5mm output socket.