Assemble subchassis
Assembled subchassis
Prepare new subchassis and motor mount, bearing spindle.
Note: to fit blind nuts securely, smear inside edge of hole with epoxy before screwing the nut in.

Epoxy glue for blind nuts
Allen keys 4mm, 5mm (to screw in m4, m5 blind nut fixings)
2 rubber grommets, 10mm inner diameter
3 M4 flanged blind nuts
3 M4 10x10mm anti-vibration mounts
3 9.5mm plug grommets
4 M5 blind nuts (original PT1 standoffs if available)
Motor mount assembly
PT bearing spindle and fittings
Halve the grommets , and glue three halves into bottom  holes of suspension mount points
Fit M4 blind nuts into motor mount holes, M5 blind nuts into arm board holes
Screw anti-vibration mounts into motor mount blind nuts
Fit motor mount (taking care with routing of power/servo leads)
Secure motor mount with nylon washers and nuts (use the 7mm thin-wall socket)
Insert the 9.5mm plug grommets.
Fit bearing spindle. Protect tip with a foam sleeve.