Layer 2
2 Layers
Pillar drill, 4mm bit
Handheld drill, 2mm bit
10mm countersink bit
Layer 2 in 15mm MDF
3 61" countersink woodscrews
Time:  0.5 hours
Cut out clearance for corner braces and any other parts required.
Place layer2 on top of layer 1 in plinth, checking clearance and fit.
Remove layer 2, pillar drill and countersink three holes for fastening to layer 1. Check diagram for approximate locations.
Place layer 2 on layer one, position, and drill shallow markers through holes into layer 1.
Put double-sided tape on side of fixing blocks. Drop into gaps and press into place.
Remove layer 2 then layer 1.  Pillar drill 1cm depth holes into layer 1 at the marks.
Put layer 1 and 2 back into plinth and screw together.