Layer 1
Fixing blocks
Pillar drill, 4mm bit
Handheld drill, 2mm bit
10mm countersink bit
1 Layer
Double-sided tape
Contact adhesive
18 4¾" countersink woodscrews
Layer 1: 15mm MDF
1 Layer
Time: approx 2 hours
Cut out fixing blocks, clearance for external controller or power socket, clearance for corner braces, and internal controller board power wire route from internal controller board if fitted.
Pillar drill and countersink 4mm screw holes in fixing blocks; two horizontal, one vertical.
Place plinth on baseboard, drop layer 1 in place
Put double-sided tape on side of fixing blocks. Drop into gaps and press into place.
Carefully remove layer 1, then lift the plinth off the baseboard.
Drill 2mm pilot holes 2mm into the plinth through each fixing block screw hole. Remove the blocks and scrape off the the double-sided tape. Secure the blocks loosely with screws.There is no need to clamp the blocks against the sides of the plinth; just tighten so that the blocks cannot fall off.
Place plinth back on base, draw lightly around each fixing block onto baseboard. Remove plinth.
Coat underside of fixing blocks and marked areas on the baseboard with contact adhesive and let it dry.
Place plinth back on baseboard and press fixing blocks firmly onto baseboard. Loosen screws to ensure enough slack to help.
After a moment, remove the screws completely, and carefully remove the plinth, leaving the fixing blocks on the baseboard.
Drill 2mm pilot holes 2mm into the baseboard through each fixing block screw hole. Secure the blocks with screws.
Place plinth on base, screw fixing blocks onto plinth, taking care not to over tighten.
Place layer 1 in plinth, check that the tops of the fixing blocks are on a level with the top of layer one. If necessary, sand them down lightly.