The inside of the PT1 plinth is a box approximately 408 wide by 317mm deep and 60mm high. In the Anniversary this is filled with MDF, cut out down to the baseboard for the subchassis, and with trenches cut for the side suspension hangers and the wire from the motor to the DIN socket at the back.

The MA inner plinth is build up from four layers of 15mm MDF; the topmost layer of which has cutouts to create the trenches.  The PT1 speed controller is located in the front-left of the plinth, and some are firmly glued in place, so have to stay there.  For ones which are screwed in, you have the option of moving the board to an external case, otherwise you will need to cut out a 90x90mm square from the front left of each layer.

The Anniversary baseboard is bonded to the bottom of the plinth. For ease of construction and painting, the MA baseboard is attached to fixing blocks which are screwed to the sides of the plinth.  These fixing blocks are chunks cut from the bottom layer of the inner plinth, and as they are the same height, support the weight of the inner plinth along with the baseboard.

A guiding principle of the plinth construction is that it can be repeatedly assembled and disassembled.  This means that we can build the entire plinth, locate and fit the suspension parts, and finally disassemble it to paint the baseboard and inner plinth as a unit.