Front left suspension mount
Important Note
Accurate location of the suspension mounts is vital; to ensure it, the location holes for the suspension mount pivot can only be drilled once the suspension mount hanger is assembled and bolted in place on the inner plinth, so the plinth must be assembled and available before this part can be completed.
Left suspension assembly
Mitre saw or
Mitre and hacksaw
Mini rotary drill with cutting disk
Pillar drill
Drill bits: 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm
Metric allen keys
Flat file or hard sanding block
Left suspension dimensions
15mm Carbon fibre right-angle, 2mm thick;  2 x 105mm lengths.
Epoxy adhesive
Masking tape
Original PT front suspension support block
Original PT suspension adjustment rod and wedge
Original PT suspension hanger and spring
1 x 8mm M3 bolt
1 x M3 locknut
1 x 20mm M2.5 bolt
3 x M2.5 washers
1 x M2.5 nut
2 x M4 10mm bolts
2 x M4 washers

Time: 1.5 hours
Cut two lengths, minimum 105mm using mitre and hacksaw.
Glue side-to side as shown.  Use epoxy, and clamp whilst it is drying.
Once dry, trim plinth end square, apply masking tape and mark the exact line to be cut; use the dimensions in the diagram above.  There is some leeway in the length, so once cut you can tidy up the ends with a flat file or sanding block.
Cut line with mitre saw or hacksaw and mitre.
Drill the mount location holes and the rear fixing hole only – two 4mm vertical holes, 15mm and 83mm
along the lower horizontal surface, and one horizontal 3mm hole, 25mm from the plinth end.
Drilling pivot hole – after finishing Layer 3 in Plinth Assembly
On the assembled plinth/inner plinth, push the suspension support block into its hole,and place the suspension hanger in place on it. Use small bits of blu-tack to secure the hanger, and use a ruler and right-angle to ensure the hanger is parallel to the front edge or the plinth.
Mark the inner plinth through the centre of the fixing holes, remove the suspension mount and inner plinth, then use the pillar drill to tap 6mm holes for the M4 blind nuts. Insert the blind nuts, ensuring they are fitted flush.
Refit the inner plinth, and reassemble to check the fit.
Measure and mark the distances to the front vertical hole (93mm) from the inside edge of the plinth.
Remove mount and drill holes with pillar drill.
Fit the 8mm M3 bolt, washer and locknut through the 25mm hole.
Once the 93mm hole is drilled, you can fit the 20mm M2.5 bolt, washer through hole, then fit washer, suspension hanger, washer, locknut onto the bolt.  Secure so that the suspension hanger can pivot easily.
If you have access to 1mm thick right-angled carbon fibre as well as 2mm thick, and can cut lengthways as well as across, you can create a U-shaped channel with two side-walls; this is stiffer and allows you to support the suspension arm pivot bolt at both ends.