Rear Suspension
Mini rotary drill with cutting disk
Pillar drill
3mm, 4mm drill bits
15mm Carbon fibre right-angle, 2mm thick.  105mm total
Epoxy adhesive
Masking tape
Original PT nylon rear suspension block
Original PT rear suspension bolt; unknown threaded 35mm length - M4 for Export suspension
Rubber O-ring retainer
M3 10mm machine screw plus two washers, for spring hanger
Original PT rear spring
Reas suspension assembled

Time: 1.5 hours
Cut three lengths, 45mm, 40mm, 15mm using mitre and hacksaw
Locate hole for bolt by putting masking tape on bottom, and marking centre line front to back. Place upright in position and place nylon block in position.  Mark centre of block front-to-back on the tape.
Double-check centre, mark the location of hole on tape.  Drill 4mm hole
Assemble parts and glue as shown, ensuring 'T' is square and using the block to locate the upright left-to-right position.
When dry, drill the three 3mm mounting holes as shown
Using the rotary tool with cutting disk, cut away lower support (marked red) to avoid interference with the subchassis.
Drill a pilot hole for the spring hanger screw into the centre of one smooth face of the suspension block.
Arrange washer, spring loop, washer on the screw thread, and screw into block. Check screw is secure and does not intrude into the vertical threaded hole.
To finish (after mount is fitted to plinth back), fit PT suspension bolt through hole and O-ring retainer, and screw into the suspension block as indicated.
You may wish to have two side walls to the suspension mount to securely locate the sliding suspension block.  To do this you  need to cut a more complicated pattern from the carbon fibre right-angle sections.