Meeting Dates

We meet once a month, on the first Thursday and Friday evenings of the month, at the Offords' Church Hall (see map).

Thursday night is mostly for adults; Steve turns up at about 6.30pm and starts setting the track up —any belp greatly appreciated—  then the circuit is open until 10-ish.

Friday night starts at 6.30pm and is intended for younger racers; grown-ups are unlikely to get a look-in before 9pm! Steve and others pack the track away from 10pm.

2018 DatesNote
4/5 January*
-/- February*
-/- March *
-/- April*
-/- May*
-/- June
-/- July*
-/- August
-/- September
-/- October
-/- November*
-/- December

[*] Track set-up and racing for grown-ups only on the Thursday night (i.e. the first date of each month).

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