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About Us

The club

We are a small bunch of slot car enthusiasts who live around Huntingdonshire, and meet up every month to chat and drive slot cars around a circuit we set up in the Offord Church Hall. By small we mean up to twelve children from five years and older, and six or seven dads (and it is mostly dads!) picking up crashed cars when the children are driving, with some adults racing later on in the evening.
At present we don't have any formal racing, but we are considering setting up some races if there is enough interest. The most important thing is that we enjoy ourselves, so nothing too serious is planned!


Club meeting dates and times are detailed here. Each meeting (i.e Thursday, Friday or both) costs £2.50 per 'driver'. Fizzy drinks and various types of snack are available to keep young drivers hyperactive.
Carbonated beverage30p
Chocolate biscuits10p

The organisers

The club was originally set up and run by Tony Stacey, but when he retired mid-2002, some of the 'regular' grownups stepped into the breach:

Steve Langford
Steve is the mainstay of the club - he books the church hall and fills his car with banana-boxes of Ninco track for us to set up and drive on! He also brings a toolkit and helps people repair broken-down cars.

Tim Bissell
I'm the webmaster of the club, and help take dow the track if I manage to escape from work on time!

Simon Moss
Another club stalwart who helps set up when he can. A smooth and fast driver like his legendary namesake. Simon came second in the 2002 Scalextric/Ford Focus rally challenge, allegedly because he couldn't be bothered to apply for the passport necessary for the first prize...